Too many people survived their childhood. They didn’t enjoy it. They survived it and became great people despite their lackluster upbringing. Surviving rotary dial telephones, the Osmonds and polyester slacks is one thing. Surviving child neglect in a praise-less and critical home is quite another. They became great anyway. They survived well.

These people aren’t great because they were loved. They are great because they survived being unloved. They aren’t great because they were born with a silver spoon. They are great because they survived being totally neglected. Thankfully, they never bought into the idea that childhood is something to be survived and they’ll pass that knowledge onto future generations. Their kids won’t be survivors because they won’t need to be.

There’s nothing more inspirational in life, than to hear the victorious story of the survivor. Unless it’s the beautiful story of a person who never needed to become one in the first place.

As you prepare to start a family, be sure you’re an encourager, always building up and taking advantage of opportunities to inspire. The concept is quite simple after all. Do you have three seconds in your day? Then you can be an encourager.

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