Life is a lot like driving in traffic. At times, one slow driver has the ability to keep everyone else on the road from getting where they want to go. Other drivers ignore the rules and put law abiding people at risk. Blowing through red lights, speeding through school zones, and ignoring pedestrians in crosswalks, they give little regard to their dangerous driving and the harm they present to others. Just like life.

It’s easy to feel that we’ve lost control and are at the mercy of others. In our career, our relationships, and in our health. Our progression is limited by the slow pace of those around us, whether personally or professionally. Don’t lose faith however, there are other “drivers on the road” who can help you get to where you want to go. They move at your pace. They know your destination and give you directions on how to safely arrive. They’ll even drive when you are unable.

Life, and the roads we often drive together, also share the common trait of collective success. Take the limits off of your thinking. You can focus on the slow drivers preventing you from reaching your desired speed or focus on the airlines which move us thousands of miles safely in two hours. You can think about the long red light you sit through or the many inventions which have opened up individual travel, allowing movement never seen before in history.

It’s all in how you approach it.

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