I admire golfers on the PGA tour. On balance, no matter where their ball lies, they grab a club and play the shot. Whether in the bunker, in the rough, behind a tree or in the weeds, they size up the challenge and play on. No complaining. No whining of unfairness. No begging for “do- overs”. They play the shot.

How much could we achieve, if we took the same approach and simply played the hand we are dealt? Devoting all of our energy to the “next shot” in life and none into the bad luck or unfortunate circumstances which led us to our current position.

If the golf ball of your life is in the weeds today, focus on which “club” you are going to use to get the ball onto the green and into the cup. Quietly size up the shot and execute with your best effort to succeed.

And don’t forget. Unlike amateur golf, there are no mulligans (do-overs) in life. So play on and avoid the temptation to become negative and defeated.

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