In front of you, I place a $100 bill and a $5 bill. I tell you to take either of them. No strings attached. Which will you choose?

Have you ever met anyone who would select the $5 over the $100? Neither have I. Yet, in life, it’s astounding how many people choose the $5 “least valuable” option over the much more cherished option presented.

Like the businessman who, out of anger, fires his top-notch Executive and replaces her with a lower skilled CFO who, in turn, drives the company into the ground. That fit of anger just cost the businessman a fortune. He exchanged the $100 for the $5. Or how about those people who flitter their future away over an addiction? They had it all, only to lose it all over something of no value. It’s similar to trading your Benz in for a moped. On paper, it doesn’t make sense. Yet people do it every day.

In life, we’re faced with choices. The $5 or the $100. Every person must decide which path is the most valuable to them.

At NuVision Women’s Care, we believe that a valuable choice is available to women when their healthcare and fertility options are presented. Don’t settle for mediocre and dismissive care.  You can have a NuVision regarding your health.