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Sandtrap Shots

I admire golfers on the PGA tour. On balance, no matter where their ball lies, they grab a club and play the shot. Whether in the bunker, in the rough, behind a tree or in the weeds, they size up the challenge and play on. No complaining. No whining of unfairness. No begging for [...]

A New Path

I recently enjoyed drinks with a highly successful business woman. As I picked her brain regarding her wild success with every company she's been with, she mentioned that none of her plans have ever failed. Ever. "In twenty-five years, not a single plan of yours has ever failed?". I asked. "No" she replied. I [...]

Realizing Your Best

In front of you, I place a $100 bill and a $5 bill. I tell you to take either of them. No strings attached. Which will you choose? Have you ever met anyone who would select the $5 over the $100? Neither have I. Yet, in life, it’s astounding how many people choose the [...]