Think about how great we could be if we didn’t, so often, “play from behind.” That is, life happens, we lose ground in many important areas of our life, and we spend an enormous amount of energy trying to catch-up and regain our former position of strength.

For example, some people lose their motivation to work out in the winter months, leading to a loss in fitness level and needing to play catch-up come spring time. Simply put, they are now playing from behind. Others spend more than they make and find themselves in a constant battle of trying to regain lost financial ground. They are no longer in a position of strength as they struggle to get ahead of their economic challenge.

Don’t play from behind. It’s demoralizing and quickly becomes an energy drain. You’ll never use your gifts to the fullest while in a position of weakness. Like any good football team, it’s better to play with a lead than it is having to spend half of the game playing catch-up. After all, winning is never accomplished by being behind. Eventually, you need to take the lead.

Whatever it is that you’re behind in, catch-up and grab the lead. Strength and confidence will soon follow when you do.

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