It was the hardest rainstorm I’d ever run in. Pouring rain and every fiber of my clothing was soaked. About a mile from my house, a car pulled over. It’s a friend of mine.  “Can I give you a ride?” she asked. “No thanks” I replied, “I’m happy as a lark running in this stuff”.

Seventeen years later, she and I are having coffee together when her phone rings. “Pardon me” she pleasantly says, “But I must get this call. It’s someone I help out every week and I’ve got to hear what he needs”.

I’m reminded of a popular TV show which follow the daily activities of people who chase storms. See a tornado? There they are, flying down the highway to capture the event. They are “Storm Chasers” and this is what they do for fun. It’s in their blood.

As I drink coffee with her this day, it occurs to me. Seeing a need and with the ability and resources to assist, she once rescued runners from rainstorms. Today, she is helping rescue people from life’s storms. In seventeen years, she hasn’t changed an iota. Forever, she sees the “storms” and begins thinking of others. It’s the “DNA” that makes up her existence. She’s a “Human Storm Chaser”.

She sees storms brewing in the lives of others and acts accordingly. It’s in the core of her being and, after nearly two decades, it’s painfully apparent she’ll never change. It’s in her blood. She’s simply using the gifts she’s been given to their fullest.

How NuVision Can Help: Are you going through a healthcare storm? Contact NuVision Women’s Care. Maybe we can help. We are human storm chasers. It’s in our blood.