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Take The Limits Off

Life is a lot like driving in traffic. At times, one slow driver has the ability to keep everyone else on the road from getting where they want to go. Other drivers ignore the rules and put law abiding people at risk. Blowing through red lights, speeding through school zones, and ignoring pedestrians in crosswalks, [...]

Human Storm Chaser

It was the hardest rainstorm I'd ever run in. Pouring rain and every fiber of my clothing was soaked. About a mile from my house, a car pulled over. It's a friend of mine.  "Can I give you a ride?" she asked. "No thanks" I replied, "I'm happy as a lark running in this stuff". [...]

A Lasting Vision 

Starting today, if you change nothing, where will you be in a year? If you change nothing, where will you be in five years? Here’s the thought. If you change nothing, you can reasonably guess your income in five years, who your friend-set will be, how healthy you'll be prone to be, and the [...]

Live from a Position of Strength 

Think about how great we could be if we didn't, so often, "play from behind.” That is, life happens, we lose ground in many important areas of our life, and we spend an enormous amount of energy trying to catch-up and regain our former position of strength. For example, some people lose their motivation to [...]

Sandtrap Shots

I admire golfers on the PGA tour. On balance, no matter where their ball lies, they grab a club and play the shot. Whether in the bunker, in the rough, behind a tree or in the weeds, they size up the challenge and play on. No complaining. No whining of unfairness. No begging for [...]

A New Path

I recently enjoyed drinks with a highly successful business woman. As I picked her brain regarding her wild success with every company she's been with, she mentioned that none of her plans have ever failed. Ever. "In twenty-five years, not a single plan of yours has ever failed?". I asked. "No" she replied. I [...]

Realizing Your Best

In front of you, I place a $100 bill and a $5 bill. I tell you to take either of them. No strings attached. Which will you choose? Have you ever met anyone who would select the $5 over the $100? Neither have I. Yet, in life, it’s astounding how many people choose the [...]