I recently enjoyed drinks with a highly successful business woman. As I picked her brain regarding her wild success with every company she’s been with, she mentioned that none of her plans have ever failed. Ever.

“In twenty-five years, not a single plan of yours has ever failed?”. I asked. “No” she replied. I inquired as to how that’s possible. “Because I don’t ride anything out to a failed ending. If it’s headed for failure, I make the changes needed to allow success”, she said.

That philosophy isn’t what you see every day. It’s human nature to stick with something, long past the time we should have altered our course. Failing business relationships, stalled career plans, and stagnant workout routines all fall victim to our belief in ‘riding it out’. Sadly, often the road is leading to failure.

My friend doesn’t live in a world of riding something out to its failed conclusion and that’s why she’s winning. Avoiding a full-steam race toward the cliff of failure is easily accomplished. Change your course.

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