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NuVision offers exceptional, personalized care for your healthcare needs to fit your lifestyle, on a fee-for-service or membership basis.

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At NuVision Women’s Care, not having insurance isn’t a problem. We offer care at rates lower than most insurance plans, and our curated specialists will address your women’s health needs, including specialized care for fertility, mental health and postpartum needs including lactation consultations.

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Your clinician will review your symptoms and discuss treatment options.


Your clinician will focus on all fertility aspects including PCO


Your clinician will address a specific women’s health concern.


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Why Choose NuVision?

  • Your care at rates lower than most insurance plans and co-pays.
  • Our curated specialists will address your women’s health needs.

In The News

“Where is the NuVision Women’s Care clinic?” is the wrong question—but we’ll get to that in a moment. The real question is why was NuVision Women’s Care established in the first place? Read the full article from Texas Public Policy Foundation

45% lower cost for fertility testing at NuVision

89% of providers say telehealth works for follow-up

85% Overall telehealth satisfaction rate

10-15% lower costs for care by telehealth

Providing Solutions To Women

Finding an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional in person care can be daunting. Your NuVision Women’s Health care team will ease your concerns and address your women’s health needs in an efficient and caring manner. You will develop a personal provider-patient relationship that will allow you to feel understood and heard.

“It was exceptional! Very compassionate! Great bedside manner. I really appreciate the way she explained and made sure to get me the right treatment! Absolutely fantastic!”

“Jackie was awesome! Great listener. Easy to speak with. Made me feel very comfortable and that she really cared. Easy quick treatment in 15 mins! Great experience! Highly recommend!”

Most insurance plans do NOT cover fertility treatments. Fertility, specifically PCOS, is our specialty. Your care team consists of vetted partnerships that make many fertility assessments and non-procedural treatments affordable. We will address each of your needs and systemic issues individually, using our holistic approaches which include supplements, acupuncture, and nutrition guidance and education. Our hope is you will never again feel like your symptoms are being dismissed.

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“Jackie was AMAZING!! She made me feel as if I was one of her patients from before. I felt very comfortable with her and she took her time listening to me and explaining the concerns I had.”

“She was amazing. Great dr. I’ve seen so many drs in last 3 years this was first time in a long time I felt listened to…”

What Is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age (Mayo Clinic). The treatment of PCOS involves proper testing, hormonal management, supplementation, accurate ovulation tracking, ultrasound follicle and lining assessments, and ovulation induction.

Nuvision Women’s Health has partnered with OvuSense™ Fertility Monitoring, a modern solution for ovulation and cycle monitoring to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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